by Ruth Winocur


Discovering Scorpio is really a great challenge, especially in view of the fact that Scorpio does not want to be discovered! He artfully hides in the background and works behind the scenes to effect the changes he brings about. We cannot see him paint the leaves red and gold in Autumn, nor can we see him loosen the silken strands that hold the giant, golden, oak leaves, freeing them to sail gently to the ground. There they compost with the other leaves that fall there and provide nourishment for the next year. We cannot see him frost the blades of grass, nor see him frost the hair of our heads, for that matter. But these are all evidences of the  workings of Scorpio, as he is the one that attends to that which is hidden in the depths, below death and rebirth.


Scorpio explores everything totally and completely, to evaluate all strengths and weaknesses and to use what he finds. He ferrets out all things that do not work or get in the way, so he can get rid of them, purging, removing and destroying until perfection is achieved. Likewise, he uses the strengths that he has found, using them with great deliberation and intent, in order to attract, seduce, influence, control and secure advantage for himself in order to achieve his own desires. He wants to hide his own thoughts and motives as he learns the thoughts and motives of others. This accounts for his desire to stay out of the spotlight and work in the background. He desires intense, ecstatic union, sexually and spiritually, so that he can fully experience life and explore all its mysteries. His zest for life in all its facets is mature and cannot be matched by any other sign of the zodiac; even fiery Aries with its newborn wonder, enthusiasm and excitement.


Scorpio is interested in power and uses all he learns to achieve this end. Because he evaluates everything so completely and scrupulously, he is able to invent or intuit new and powerful solutions to problems. This combination confers on him the ability to transform the old, worn and cumbersome into the new, elegant and streamlined. He ever works to extend his base of power, influencing and controlling as he goes along. He amasses resources for the future, securing an advantage position for himself, while satisfying and achieving his goals. He is not easily distracted or discouraged and is able to persist until completion of his desired ends.


In order to understand Scorpio more fully, let us now consider the topic of rulerships. Most signs have one ruler, but some have two. Scorpio is a sign that has two rulers. Over time, as more and more information has become available, there has been a gradual resolution of the rulership issue. For instance, Saturn was considered to be the ruler of both Capricorn and Sagittarius, but after Uranus was discovered, and more and more information has become available, it was determined that Uranus, by virtue of his qualities, was the rightful ruler of Aquarius. Today it is still accepted that both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, because the influence of both planets is still to be found in the sign of Scorpio. Probably in the not too distant future, Pluto will be recognized as the sole ruler of Scorpio. So let us look at both Mars and Pluto.


Mass is known to us as the “God of War”, so named by the ancient Greeks, and we can envision him with a sharp sword engaging the enemy in battle. We can also envision him at war with the world in general. But the real battle, of which Mars is the symbol, is the battle within, a spiritual battle that demands being able to distinguish between the real and the illusive. This, therefore, demands being able to identify the worldliness and/or the ways of the world, as well as the demands of the body as an illusive distraction that keeps spiritual work in abeyance.  Here Scorpio, and/or his native, must use the tools of Mars, such as courage and the ability to confront the difficult and unpleasant, the willingness to take the initiative, and the fortitude to have an open heart. Because of diving deep into his spiritual side, Scorpio is aware of his spiritual identity. Then the knowledge of his spiritual identity, together with his sound character, truth and discernment, can enable Scorpio to move forward in spiritual life. Quiet, intense and determined in all things, Scorpio can win this battle between the physical and the spiritual.


Pluto is the planet of power and transformation, and is also the planet of death and rebirth. It is the planet farthest from the Sun and was not discovered until 1930. It is interesting to note in passing that astrologers believe that a planet is not discovered until its influence comes into the arena of human experience, or that when our consciousness is broadened and elevated for enough and high enough, it will be found. This appears to be accurate, as Pluto was discovered just in time to usher in WWII and the advent of the Atomic Bomb. We can envision Pluto as an active volcano containing fiery, molten lava capable of unpredictably exploding and destroying huge areas at any time. He is the planet of sweeping life changes, personally and globally, influencing governments and the political arena in general. He is the planet of catastrophes, chaos and renewal, and affects personal as well as mass consciousness. Pluto provides knowledge of true power and will which is beyond the conscious mind, wherein true reality is from earthly perceptions and ideas. Pluto deals with the subconscious and even hints at the unconscious and a deeper reality unknown and undiscernible. Here Pluto represents that part of ourselves we do not wish to see or own. It is disturbing or horrifying to see such things in the world around us, no less within ourselves, and we may be unable or unwilling to see that “there but for the grace of God, go I”. We truly are capable of doing any and all conceivable evil, but naturally this does not necessarily mean that we would do so.


Pluto points the way to spiritual and intuitive experiences and thereby to finding greater life. Here we find Pluto helping us to acknowledge that life itself is our greatest power, for in life we have our physical presence, our truth, and our knowing.  It is also where we find our inheritance and our wealth. Pluto holds the power to transform and transmute; to transform the dark, the sordid and the drudgery of the world and to transmute it into a golden life and a different way of being in the world. Pluto can be thought of as a representative of the Will of God underlying all things. It represents God’s energy or Life Force. The intuition and feelings of Scorpio provide guidelines to help us in aligning with Spirit that is so much greater and so much more intelligent that the conscious mind. This alignment provides the basis for a new level of ethics and relationship, a new level of truth and being and a new and beautiful Golden Age.


The virtues of Scorpio are just as profound as his other characteristics. His lust for life and its energy are perhaps the greatest of all virtues. Here the Divine Spirit moves powerfully within him, making him capable of extracting every last drop of life experience. In addition, his ability to seek and find that what is hidden, such as the root causes of things, is very important. It is the golden thread that leads to the discovery of spiritual truths and spiritual identity. On the material side of this equation, it enables him to find the bottom line of investments or the fraud hidden within the sparkling wrappings of what superficially looks like a deal too good to be true. His perception is incisive. His depth of feeling is great. His intuition is superb. These are all important assets. Scorpio is courageous in the face of the ugly and unpleasant realities and can persevere to the end in spite of great obstacles. Scorpio must guard against and/or uproot his negative qualities, which in addition to those already mentioned, are addictions, obsessions, envy, jealousy, ruthlessness, vindictiveness and cruelty.


Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and in the abstract mandala, rules the eighth house. This is considered and occult house, along with houses four and twelve, as it governs the occult or hidden things in life. It is the house of legacies, other people’s money, financial affairs of the partner or spouse, death and dying, insurance and occult experiences. It also includes metaphysics, genealogy, research, out of body experiences and near death experiences. It is curious and interesting to note how the eighth house meanings, known in general since antiquity, reflect those of Pluto, only known in the 20th century. The energies of Pluto cannot be denied. The wondrous and beautiful tapestry woven from the signs, planets and houses produces a union between heaven and earth, a union we recognize in the axiom, “as above, so below”


There is said to be an esoteric relationship between Pluto and the Moon because the Moon represents feelings and Pluto represents life. The connection is obvious because feelings and life go hand in hand. When we come into embodiment. our feelings and focus of attention are directed inwardly. Then gradually the feelings and focus of attention become outwardly directed. As life emerges and blooms, so do the feelings. And when life has reached the end of its golden rope or Silver Cord, life changes and the feelings change as well. Pluto is there once again, not only attending to death and dying, but also attending to, or relating to, a solitary state of affairs, often found with the death of a loved one. Here Pluto can throw us into unexpected aloneness and sadness. We must also consider the death of a deeply desired future or the death of an important relationship. There may be an emotional gap that yearns to be filled. Rash action, under these circumstances and at this point may be detrimental. Patience and understanding are required to find the proper thing to fill this gap. The emptiness felt is only apparent; it is not real. What happens is that we put our own spiritual substance into the gap. What eventually emerges is an aspect of ourselves as a creator.


The roles in life, or careers that fall under the influence of Scorpio, run the gamut from scientists to plumbers, from mining to law enforcement, from physicians to morticians, from occultists to executives. Anything that delves deeply into the “whys and wherefors” of life, at whatever level, is included. Writers of horror novels are also included here because Scorpio attends toward horror, terror and death, and toward the macabre, the evil, the sinister, hideous and the grotesque.


In a sense Scorpio is the mirror image or reflection of Taurus, which of course, is his opposite sign. If we understand Taurus we are able to see its reflection in Scorpio, and see why Scorpio is acquisitive, sensual and persistent, as well as why he is controlling, insistent and shrewd, not to mention why he is possessive, manipulative and insensitive. As a mirror image, these qualities are shared between these two signs. We must be aware, however, that there is a vast underlying difference. This is because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, while Scorpio, as we have seen, is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Venus could be thought of as the feminine counterpart, the soft, yielding, receptive part, while Mars and Pluto represent the male counterpart, more demanding, unyielding and hard. This relationship between these mirror-image rulers, raises the question as to whether there is a special meaning behind them, hidden but soon to be discovered by humanity, such as love bringing about a global or collective transformation, a transformation so sorely needed at this time. Could it mean that Mars and Pluto together represent war, death and destruction? Could this Venus-Pluto relationship reflect the power of love to overcome the power of death? Could it be, perhaps, the love of Venus elevated enough, could produce a softer, more loving transformation of human spirituality? Perhaps, through love and cooperation, the more cataclysmic action of Pluto could be avoided or found unnecessary, or at least mitigated. While thinking about it, we may be able to find many more interpretations peculiar or special to this relationship….so interesting, so intriguing, so mysterious. Even the glyphs of Venus and Pluto are strikingly similar.







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